One Child at a Time


Inspired By Their Work In Orphanages Across The World

The idea for what would eventually become Nomad Charities was inspired by their work in various orphanages across the world and their continual desire to do more for those they wanted so desperately to help.  So, in 2002, the sisters decided to shift all their priorities and focus on what was most important to them. Janette gave up a corporate career in Alaska and Jenn put her documentary film projects on hold and thus Nomad Charities was born. When not hanging in Bend, OR the two are usually in Kenya working on Nomad projects. Jenn & Janette spend up to 4 months per year in Kenya living with the kids at Gail’s House.



Executive Director

Jenn Hoffman

Co-Founder / Executive Director / Film Producer-Director

With more than 16 years experience in national and international non-profit work, Jenn Hofmann has traveled around the world, working with numerous indigenous cultures.As an extension of her non-profit work, Jenn produces educational and independent films and videos. Her most recent project, The Eskimo and the Whale, is to premiere in national and international film festivals and venues throughout 2012 and 2013.Jenn began working and volunteering for non-profits right out of college. She has volunteered for Alaska Native non-profits, African orphanages, worked as a special events Project Director for the United Nations and African National Congress. Jenn’s film and video production work began while residing in Johannesburg, South Africa just after the abolition of apartheid. While there, she produced a series of voter-education videos that were screened in outlying villages to encourage formerly-disenfranchised African citizens to join in the democratic process. She also produced educational films, hosted by Nelson Mandela, for the United Nations Environmental Program. Jenn served as producer for the Film Resource Unit (FRU) in Johannesburg, South Africa, a non-government organization, offering documentary films on topics such as HIV/AIDS, human rights, and women’s issues.Other film, video and multi-media clients include: PBS, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, Alaska Federation of Natives, the New Bedford Whaling National Historic Park, the Inuit Circumpolar Conference, and the Denali Commission.


Program Director

Janette Hoffman


Dedicated to saving and improving lives around the world, Janette Hofmann has worked to bring urgently needed health care and educational programs to children and families in Africa, Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand and the rural United States. Janette has more than twelve years experience in corporate and non-profit work and has given hundreds of volunteer hours to programs for needy families and children.Volunteering in orphanages in Cambodia, Thailand and Africa, Janette has cared for babies and children, many who suffered from the HIV virus.  Her main focus lies in Kenya where she has volunteered with other NGO’s working with orphans and street children to help provide them with the basic necessities such as food, clothing and medical needs.  Through these experiences Janette co-founded the non-profit Nomad Charities in 2001 along with her twin sister Jenn. Janette’s corporate experience includes seven years in Ketchikan, Alaska, with the Cape Fox Native Corporation, where she worked closely with indigenous peoples (Tlingit, Tsimpsian, Haida, Athabascan, Yupik, and Inuit) on the preservation of cultural traditions and languages.  As a volunteer, Janette offered much-needed, educational mentoring to at-risk children in the Native village of Saxman, in Southeast Alaska.