“Nomad Charities is both a registered NGO in Kenya and a registered non-profit in the US that seeks to improve the quality of lives of adults and children who are homeless, exploited and orphaned by the devastation of the HIV/AIDS crisis in Kenya, through programs and services, so that they may realize their full potential in society.”

The story of Nomad Charities is ultimately that of its founders, twin sisters Janette and Jenn Hofmann. Both are longtime veterans of charity work who have devoted much of their lives and endless energy to helping others. The idea for what would eventually become Nomad was inspired by their work in various orphanages across the world and their continual desire to do more for those they wanted so desperately to help. So, in 2002, the sisters decided to shift all their priorities and focus on what was most important to them. Janette gave up a corporate career and Jenn put her work as a documentary filmmaker on the back burner, and thus Nomad Charities was born.