Much of Nomad Charities success is based on our countless volunteers who give there time, energy and dollars to help support Nomad’s programs and services in Kenya.

Every year we accept volunteers to help run our free medical clinics, re-build primary schools and help with clean water projects. Currently all of our efforts are geared toward the completion of Nomad’s 36-bed orphanage, Gail’s House. The project was suppose to have been completed and our kids enrolled this December, however due to funding being held up by the international cyber paper trail, the orphanage will now open its doors in March of 2009.

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Currently we have one full-time volunteer in Kibwezi, Christine, who has committed to an 18-month stay. We also have four other volunteers committed to working in Kibwezi this summer for several months.

We are working on a volunteer schedule with openings starting in the fall of 2009. The cost is $20 per day, which includes three meals, water and housing. An application process will also be required and available on our website soon. All volunteers are responsible for their airfare, vaccinations and transportation costs to Kibwezi.