Gail’s House


With the opening of Gail’s House set for March of 2009, we will be the first and only children’s home that will be 100% powered by solar energy. We are completely off the electrical grid and even have our own solar powered borehole.

Gail’s House is located on Nomad’s five acres of land on the outskirts of Kibwezi, Kenya. The children’s home will not only provide a loving home for 36 children, ranging in age between 4 and 12 years, but will also double as a community center where we will run our additional programs and services.

When children enter secondary school at roughly the age of 13, our kids will be sent near by to boarding school where they will complete there 4-year studies. Our kids will enter Nomad’s Student Sponsorship Program to finance their secondary schooling.

The orphanage, Gail’s House, is named after our late grandmother Gail Hamel, who emotionally and spiritually helped make Nomad Charities a reality. Without her guidance and inspiration, none of this would have been possible.