Lisa & Gary’s Journey



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Gary and Lisa love to travel and explore new places. Visiting Africa has been a lifelong dream of Lisa’s and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro a goal of Gary’s…they can’t wait to experience the culture and take in the beauty of Tanzania and Kenya. They wanted this to be more than an adventure, though…they wanted to make a difference. That’s where NOMAD comes in. Through Climb for a Cause, they look forward to reaching out to folks to raise awareness of the great need in the area…and make a difference in the lives of the children in Kibwezi, Kenya. They can’t wait to visit Gail’s House before their climb and see all the amazing work Jenn and Janette -and all the supporters of NOMAD Charities – have done there!

Lisa and Gary will be raising funds to help construct a large water project within the district of Kibwezi, Kenya. The project includes the drilling of a borehole, the construction of a centrally located water tower, which will be powered by solar energy and an intricate layout of pipes which will be linked to five water kiosks throughout the community of Kibwezi. The Kibwezi Water Project will benefit thousands of community members and provide a means for farmers to increase their crop output as well as provide clean drinking water for local families.

To learn more about Lisa and Gary’s Journey or about the Kibwezi Water Project, please contact the Nomad Charities office or e-mail Jenn directly at [email protected].